Our mission is to offer the services of high education and scientific research in fields of economics, administration, finance, and politics. These fields together include both academic distinction and high quality for the sake of making changes in the sectors of business and community. We seek, as well, to have the responsibility to lead these changes through the production of applied knowledge and qualifying personals to practical actions in the community. 


Our vision is to be one of the most prominent faculties in the field of practical administrations as well one of the 20th high-ranking faculties in the field of business administration in Middle East and North Africa.  

Strategic Objectives

To reach its vision, the faculty aims at achieving the following objectives:

- Widening the faculty's participation for contracting with business sections and various public institutions through consultations, joint projects, and expertise exchange.

- Setting plans that guarantee regular participations of both industry and services companies to design and perform the faculty’s programs.

- Adapting the concept “education through participation”, using the idea of interactive education, and complementing theories and practice in teaching the faculty’s courses.

- Crediting the faculty’s programs from specialized, international institutions based to international standards.

- Focusing on the concept “client focus” towards students and social responsibility in the process of education.

- Supporting and widening research and academic activities for the sake of achieving high-value awards and scholarships in fields of business and various public sectors.